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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Childhood to pre-wedding to post wedding with 50 years of marriage to follow :)

well .. well my sister is getting married end of feb. So everyone is excited ..running around ..finishing the 10001 errands that need to be done. Some required some mundane ...but nevertheless they have to be done . :).
All this while, I am thinking my little kid sister has suddenly grown up and has become a woman. Somehow she was still a kid while she was studying to became a doctor and even after she did her MD and can deliver babies into this world. It never struck me that she would soon outgrow being my partner in pranks. :)
Neways, we are eagerly awaiting the wedding and then will wait for the chaos to end...shed some tears as we let our dear daughter go ... but also rejoice as she starts her 50 odd years of marriage
and wish that each moment be filled with love, happiness, joy and the best.
loads of love n hugs

Monday, February 9, 2009

So I wrote to the Editor ...

inspired by the "Pink chaddi Movement" .. (well no the Pune traffic police aren't going to get any pink, brown or any other color chaddis...).
Coming back to today's Pune mirror and the article "Buckling under pressure" which had the passionate tone of how the traffic police dept. is striving to regulate the traffic in this city. I read it and thought dispassionately ..hmmmm.. Is that so ?
well in my moment of dispassion, I got passionate like Nisha Susan and wrote the following letter to the editor..
Hi There,

Your article is right about traffic in Pune being pathetic and the need to regulate it. However is enforcing a 'seat belt' rule a step to combat this? Personally I feel that, it is more to add to the the traffic police's treasury than to streamline Pune traffic. Additionally, what is the Traffic Police's contribution besides to stop (further disturbing traffic flow) and fine ?
Mr. Manoj Patil should on his trip to Mumbai, notice the 'Lane' system. Implementing that in Pune will not only bring in the crores but also easy the traffic problems in the city. Probably he would have to set up booths at every major traffic signal to fine the six lane traffic on a two lane road.,, but then isn't that a mega bucks opportunity?

Maybe ..I should have just send them brown chaddis... or better still ask everyone stopped for the same rule to hand over their chaddi to the traffic police guy?
Hey ..are the chaddi makers ready ? this year could turn out to be their best .. hmmm .. any chaddi company's listed on the NSE?
well .. thank the doorbell for distrupting the train of thought :

one week + one day

..without any scratches /dents / major -minor dumps on my car .. a day to celebrate ... YIPEEE
Steve would be so proud of me ... and Vinu, who is my navigator, in a more relaxed state... for finally the Schumacher inside me has been tamed.