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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What the hell do men want???

For men since time immortal the perplexing question has been "what do women want?". I guess with role reversals, now women need to ask "what do guys want?" and do they really want to give guys what all they want?
I had an ragging argument with someone and we said things to spite and hurt each other. Off-course we made our peace ..but somethings he said raised questions I dont have answers to.
I turned myself inside-out to keep my ex happy... but he still had to be axed :). His meals , his needs , the qualities he liked and disliked, the things he liked to do, how he wished to spend time, all got preference ...but still it was not enough. I was a friend, confidant, lover, caretaker, homemaker, yet it was not what he wanted. In the end it did not matter of how much I gave or he took .. as per him he took what was given to him ... did not mean he needed it or liked it..what the hell did he want?? and why did I needlessly keep giving???

Off-lately to get a better picture of what goes in the mind of the metro-sexual man of today, I have been asking my guy friends what they look for in a prospective partner. They want the girl to be sexy, smart, a homemaker, sweet, talented, fun to be with, someone who will love and respect their families, someone who will love them with a pot belly and nose\ear hair... and the list goes on and on ...

To my question of what will they do for her.... they say off-course we will sacrifice our freedom on the altar of matrimony. So then fidelity is assured right? to which I get responses like.. yeah ...but itx difficult to live with one woman you know.... maybe if she keeps her hot bod.

I so wish that the universe turns the tables and set right the brains of these popinjays. Men need to realize that they owe their life to a woman. If they dont get their attitude in line- they probably should make do with a beer_drinking_flith_spurting_pot_bellied_lazy_unambitious__uncaring_couth guy friend with lady parts.

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  1. Interesting thoughts..I guess large part of what you have written is right but you ist not fair to label all men like that..

    I dont think expecting all those qualities in wife is a bad thing.. the problem with so called metropolitan man is that while he would like all conquering qualities in his wife, all driven by peer pressure..at home he would like her to be subodinate to him and his family in all respects. I dont think any metropolitan guy or his family for that matter can still accept the fact that his wife is more intelligent than him. While it works fine to start with, men cant live with that feeling for vey long

    Other species of metropolitan men are those who feel that life is all about change.no matter how good their life is they still want change..Interesting guys but sont think they live a happy family life.

    Since I have written so much, how can i resist temptation of most favorite Indian pastime i.e. Advising others without any reason. So here I go
    Try looking for for a guy who has got his prioities about family right (no matter expectations level) and is exteremely confident about himself,(he will never like to believe that he can make a wrong decision unless you give him compelling reason). Add to it if you can also get somebody who does not like complications in life, you are 100% sure of long married life. Happiness, I dont know, But as they say happiness is state of mind, you can be happy even without anything and unhappy with everything in life.

    B+, There are still good men around who TRY to live with some moral values with family as their top priority. Infidelity is out of question. They may like to talk about other women but not going after them. may be they will behave differently if opportunity comes knocking at door (men are men afterall) but wont go chasing the opportunity for sure. Whether they live a happy life, I dont know but peaceful YES. Try harder you will definitely find one

    All the best