"Within infinite myths lies an eternal truth. Who sees it all, Varuna has but a thousand eyes Indra, a hundred You and I, only two. "

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Superwoman on a multivitamin high

... these days I am so used to crisis management that routine work makes my fingers prickly and palms sweat :). Miss cranky pants has been huffing and puffing about her never ending stream of work .. the ocean of incomplete jobs ... and offcourse the scarce efficient staff.

After some quiet reflection ... the problem is not the amount of work or the staff ..it is ineffective time management. There are all but 24 hrs in a day and 7 days in a week. It is a foolish endeavour to try to do everything, to think everything can be done. Setting up impossible deadlines ... the pressure and the slogging to get the work done .... ( hmmmm I feel I am back in my IT job:)

Now with all the inspections over... I hope I will be able to flex my fingers and dive back right into the steady work stream ...but try to swim at my pace and not fight the flow ... and remember that there is the option to take a break and sit on the bank :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Manali and Back

I just got back from a vacation in Manali, an awesome trip. All the credit for planning and execution of the trip goes to Sur, Eshan and Sakshi, I just tagged along :).
Jassi Bhai (Eshan's Driver Sahib) drove us from Sunam to Mulana to Chandigarh to Mandi to Kullu to Manali..back to Kullu to Manikaran to Sunam ...approx 1000km + ...all in 5 days.
While going we shopped in Chandigarh, hogged on yummy foodstuff diligently prepared by Eshan's mummy ji and took a break at a place called Mandi. The beauty of the hills and the valleys along the way is indescribable... we were in total awe of nature, it's beauty and majesty.
The next day we ascended up from Mandi to Kullu to Manali. At Kullu we stopped at 'Apple Valley ' resorts, had awesome lunch and splashed around in the river passing by. In Manali, we booked into a fantastic resort called Manuallaya.. the duplex room had the most heavenly view of the snow capped mountains.
Like all people fascinated by snow, we decided to go up to the Rohtang Pass the next day. We booked a cab for the same. Believe me if you love yourself and your car.. you wouldnt want to drive up the road to Rohtang. Itx a mere 50 km from Manali .. but one hell of a hellish road ... n if you get a driver like our Schumi ... chak de phate of your back and bones :D
So after 1000 bumps and bends we finally reached Rohtang ..to find the snow fields covered with people ... animals and animal poop :(( so much for the 'yeh Haseen wadieyan' experience with stretches of snow and only snow. We did manage rides on snow bikes, a skiing 101, posing with yaks :) and a bit of snowball hurling.
After the gruelling experience .. we stayed in at the resort for the next 2 days ...going to the local market, Hidmaba Temple and the Club House.
On 3rd we went to Manikaran, to check out the hot water springs. .. we boiled small gunny bags filled with rice in the springs :) On the way back ... we decided to come all the way back to Sunam and hence another 8 hrs of bends, curves and Jassi bhai's Schumi driving :).
In all it was a fantastic trip to Manali, a feast for the eyes and the mind.... a lot of twists for the back !! :)