"Within infinite myths lies an eternal truth. Who sees it all, Varuna has but a thousand eyes Indra, a hundred You and I, only two. "

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reel vs Real life

"Much of what we know is little more than a goulash of disparate and contradictory ideas, rather than accessible clarity." -Ian Mann

I think the above quote correctly answers the dilemma in most of our dilemmas. We never know the complete facts pertaining to a situation and have to decide based on whatever little we do know. So when we move as per our assumptions, have we turned our life into a movie based on our perceived reality?

What is reality? A traditional outlook? preconceived ideas and patterns passed to us from older generations? If one digresses from a traditional pattern should he/she be frowned upon?

The past few weeks have made it very clear, reality is what you believe it to be. You have no experience living as this is your one and only chance so how do you know what is real and what is reel/aka a fairy tale? if you see a road or people around you point to a road, it is real. If you were in a remote corner in Africa and were told about the concrete jungle you would think it to be a magical place.

Tradition or patterns or model behaviours are just baselines. In a complex world where people can be atypical in an infinite number of ways, there is great value and safety in knowing the baselines. However living your life strictly by them and accepting them as way of life?

We are bought up believing in patterns, finish school by 15, college by 21, become a respected professional ( aka doc, CA, engineer...)...get married ..have kids... by such and such age...
after that you will be settled.. you have lived a well fulfilled, happy life. My reaction can only be Yuck !!!!!

How can we reduce the vagaries of human behaviour to over generalized patterns. If, for example, if one added up all the women and men on the planet, on average , the typical adult human being has one breast and one testicle...and yet how many people fit that description?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

30 yrs of adventures...

This year I turn 30 and here is a list of adventures I have had in these 30 yrs on earth :). My dearest friends have been a part and parcel in most of these adventures. I thank you guys and gals for making my 30 yrs remarkable hug, kisses n love.
btw please feel free to jog my memory :)

1. sky diving
- para gliding
- slapped an irrational police officer.
- cursed out aloud in front of police officers :) the c word ..yep
- white water rafting.
- driven 750+ miles from Durham to Boston in under 11 hrs.
- Seen the beautiful sunrise at Acadia National Park.
- taken a train to an unfamiliar city to meet a stranger.
- asked a random guy to dance with me in a random club in Detroit.
10. had 50+ different types of drinks.
- oh canoeing and camping.
- Jet Sking in Texas.
- moved by the faith of 10000 people in the mass in a Houston stadium.
- got myself into a top business school.
- stayed 2 yrs and 9000 miles away from family.
- 5 day trek in the wilderness in Cradle Mountains in Australia.
- learnt to speak and write Spanish.
- learnt to play a classical instrument.
- performed/sang in a group on All India Radio :) yeah now it would be
more like croaking:)
20 fallen head over heels in love :)
- lived in a house with 3 strangers and a cat. twice 2 different set of strangers actually.
- had 5 dogs, 7 fishes, 2 rabbits and one squirrel as pets.
- read more than 500+ books.
- packed my bags and ran away from home. it is a wonder that my family still adores me :)
- been a house captain and an academically sound student :)
- made cakes and fire decorations from cow dung.
- flown kites in hot summer afternoons.
- taken a ride on a two seater glider.
- went hot air ballooning.
30 - been inside a gentleman's club :)

Well i will keep updating this list. However I am making a new list on the adventures i want to have in the next 30 yrs, getting a PPL is one ... all your suggestions are welcome :)