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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chor Chor ...

That is what Our Prime minister Mr Modi is calling all middle class Businessmen/ Women.  My humble request to you Sir, is to please get out of Delhi, come to a 2-tier town like Jaipur and live the life of a middle class business man for a few months. 

You might have been a chai wala, an "aam admi" but you have lost touch with ground reality.  Sir, let me be outright" I Don't want to pay taxes".   I do not want to  willy nilly give the Government almost 40-45% of my hard earned income.  here are my reasons :

1.  I know my trade and work hard at generating the income ...  the government machinery or services or infrastructure provided has worsened. Now my  time is more likely to be  focussed on the direct &  indirect tax people and how to keep them at bay.  So I have very little time to focus on my work but more on Sales Tax , commercial tax, entry tax and what-not tax people who will suddenly visit my premise and act as if they own it.   Last whole week because of your disruption  my business has been disrupted. Will you bear the cost of business and time lost or should I add it to the provision " For the greater Good" ?

2.  I want to know the percentage of tax revenue given by the aam adami the common poor Indian citizen?  I am in the 33% tax bracket so I am paying a lot more than  a few thousands of people, and what am I getting in return? I drive on the same potholed road. I am subjected to more torture by the government machinery ... the same machinery whose gears I pay for... all in the need to do my business peacefully   .. not to buy arms and ammunition Dear Prime Minister but to have the peace of mind to focus on running my enterprise so that I can make more jobs for the nation. By the way  you had a programme called "Make in India"  how is it going?

3.  That reminds me ....  Do you know unemployment is a bigger threat to this nation than black money ?  today it so so difficult to find talent .. given the sad state of education in our land due to archaic  policies like reservation not to mention  overpopulation and brain drain.   Can we even picture  Sundar Pichai  if he had decided to stay back and work in India?  he would have been a nobody just struggling within the system .  Delhi to Jaipur is the same distance as Berlin to Bonn.  It takes 6+ hrs to come to Jaipur from Delhi and 57 minutes from Berlin to Bonn.  Yes Sir, 57 Minutes, give me that kind of infrastructure and I will pay  because that way  government would have provided/ helped in getting skill and expertise easily to my business.  

4.  Oh and all that education cess collected how is it been used under the NSLDC programme .. I bet useful results will be apparent after 10 years right ?  how about Swach bharat cess ?  after 25 years?  How are the municipality cleaning up the city or their act?  Jaipur is still as dirty and filthy as possible.. A cousin returned from Dubai and mentioned that 1 gali of  Jaipur has all the kachara you will find in entire Dubai.  
I am tired maybe I should just sit at home, not work and stop paying taxes that the government uses to subsidize those who dont pay tax ( the major vote bank).  Being poor in this country is a double award ... not only i dont have to pay taxes  I am awarded with a lot of subsidies and I am the poster boy/girl of this nation. not to mention no sales tax or any tax guy will visit my humble premise.  Oh and no body will call me a "Chor"  and say he has his eyes on me ... i can just sit twiddling my fingers on the pavement and enjoy a cup of chai from the tapri wala and say what a Chai wala... way to go our Prime Minister.