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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I can choose ....

Yesterday's Daily wisdom from Tiny Buddha was about we having the power to choose...


and the following lines were particularly inspiring ... btw I think the lady is an oracle..she can read in to my mind like open doors :)....

I can choose what affects me.

I can choose to not be damaged.

I can choose to not be afraid.

I can choose to not let situations depress me.

I can choose to look at mistakes as learning experiences.

I can choose to be confident.

I can choose to be happy.

I can choose to feel loved.

I can choose.
James at gothamknight33(AT)yahoo.com

my additions ...

I can choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

I can choose to love and respect the temple that is my body.

I can choose.

Thanks Poorni for recommending Rujuta Diwekar's latest book .."Women and weight loss Tamasha"
Her first book ("Dont Loose your mind, loose your weight") was a common sense approach to health and nutrition and this one is an eye-opener :).

We females in our quest to become the 'ideal' daughter (DiL), girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother..etc etc ......neglect the one thing that supports and backs us in all our endeavours... yes we take our body as hell for granted. My dearest darlins..pick up the book it would do you a world of good ... please.. please.. pretty.. pretty.. please :) it is an wonderful experience listening to your body and falling in love with yourself. :)

Neways people today I drove a 42 seater bus ..yippeee ... No casualties, Gopal and Arjun (Bus's Driver) are hale and hearty...so now I have added to the list of vehicles for my Bollywood style elopement :) only have to patao the groom-to-be.