"Within infinite myths lies an eternal truth. Who sees it all, Varuna has but a thousand eyes Indra, a hundred You and I, only two. "

Monday, March 23, 2009

Re-awakening of the curious scientist in me ...

I am reading this fantastic book ..."Surely_You_re_Joking_Mr_Feynman_Adventures_of_a_Curious_Character" by Richard P. Feynman. I learnt that while we were busy memorizing our books and taking exams, we missed out on all the learning and all the fun. Memorizing killed our curiosity and tendencies to explore the wonder, that is everything around us.
a simple e.g.
our textbooks would have told us "Triboluminescence" is the phenomenon when certain crystals emit light when crushed. How many of us would have really understood that? though 90% of us would have memorized the definition. Would we be able to associate the above to taking a lump of sugar, crushing it in the dark to see a bluish flash ??
More importantly would we have been curious and excited to go crush sugar in a dark room and find it out for our selves?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My new resolution ....

Starting today I am implementing a new thing ...while driving I will not shout or curse at the first 20 maniac drivers/episodes each day. I hope it will help ease out the road rage, I seem to be developing :D. It certainly will improve my patience ... and also help me count the number of transgressions, I encounter on my 50 km journey each day ..hmmm maybe in reverse also tell my current level of tolerance :).

Yesterday, we (Rob, Ramki n me ) over dinner had a discussion on politics ..etc etc in India and off course on my ride back home my mind went on an overdrive. All previous discussions started running in parallel. From Vinu's "if good brains leave India where will the remaining majority not-good brains lead India", to Steve's "Shivaji turning in the sky over what his so called followers are doing in his name and glory" not to mention the "Jumma Chumma" song they were playing on his birthday.
As per history, there are two guess estimates for Shivaji's birthdate and his so called followers subject him and the poor suspecting public to loud, ludicrous filthy songs on both these dates. Maybe the MNS or RSS or Shiv Sena should have opening of small scale discos catering to "Basti-taste" music on their agendas. Ramki maybe you can suggest this at the next MNS meet and they will make you a super-member :) (or give you a way to delist as a member)
btw all open source lovers check out the MNS website
( beware enjoy the website but DONT test run /fill any simple looking form or you will become a member of the MNS).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Emotional Attyachar ...

the famous song from the movie DevD was actually sung by Rangeela and Raseela from Harish Brass band from Chandigarh. My dear Steve and Vinu are the two most happiest people (after Rangeela and Raseela) about the fact ...I think, this is the only thing they will forever remember about the movie :P
Talking about movies.. we went to see 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' yesterday ...the first half was decent but the later was a total attyachar on the concept, the story and offcourse on me.
Well friends said that what goes around comes around and this is/was payback for the attyachar of me subjecting them to 'SlumDog millionaire". well well ... I totally believe that both movies were over hyped and none deserved an oscar ..... but I love the 'rags to riches' story line from slumdog and not to mention the happy ending and Rehman 'Jai Ho' Oscar... so net a thumbs up for Slumdog and two thumbs down for CCBB :D
This month I think my flavor would be for controversial movies ... I saw Delhi 6 and liked it...
Hmmm the music is good so is the cinematography. The story is a bold one with a sloppy ending but I liked it and I have to say .. I like AB baby's choice of movies .... Bunty and Bubli, Dostana, Bluf master, Sarkar raj, and Delhi 6.
The only non-controversial but totally fab movie we watched was 'Wait Until Dark' staring Audrey Hepburn as a blind lady...totally awesome movie the plot.. the acting ..can always borrow the dvd from me.
"thats all folks. " adios and enjoy