"Within infinite myths lies an eternal truth. Who sees it all, Varuna has but a thousand eyes Indra, a hundred You and I, only two. "

Friday, May 31, 2013


It is a wonder how and when you really connect to a song. I recently had an awakening moment listening to "Forgiveness" by Collective Soul :) ..it goes as under...


In my silence I would love to forget
But restitution hasn't come quite yet
And with one accord I keep pushing forth
I stretch my heart to heal some more

It used to be all I'd want to learn
Was wisdom trust and truth
But now all I really want to learn
Is forgiveness for you

As my seasons change I've now grown to know
When one's heart creates, one's soul doesn't owe
So I wash away stains of yesterday
Then tempt my heart with love's display 
anyways people howdy :) ? Life has been good, my younger sis recently had a baby boy so now the joy in my life has quadrupled ( incase this is an OHT ... I am now a proud aunt to 'four' nieces and nephews :) ).