"Within infinite myths lies an eternal truth. Who sees it all, Varuna has but a thousand eyes Indra, a hundred You and I, only two. "

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Redunancy ...

1. The state of being no longer needed or useful
2. The use of words or data that could be omitted without loss of meaning or function; repetition or superfluity of information.

...this is the word that can best encompass my state of mind these days, as I experience life within a new and improved universe:), the older experiences become redundant. Previous life seems like a book of stories to be cherished, deep morals learned but very clearly a thing of the past.:)

Anyways people ....Bangalore is a wonderful city, I am in abs love with the weather.. Amit goes out of his way to share his city and make me comfortable to the culture and life in the city. :) What to do if he is so adorable and caring ;).

Neways ..we both like taking adhoc trips...
The first one was to Agra to see the the Taj Mahal at sunrise...that was even before our honeymoon:D. We had to come to Jaipur for some work...and in the evening we decided to take advantage of the spare time and head to Agra. We left around 8pm and were in Agra in 3hrs. We stayed at a hotel 3oomts from the Taj:) ... next morning we walked to the most romantic monument at sunrise... what can i say people but that it was breathtakingly awesome....it made me believe in all that is romantic, scared and like we were meant to go there together:)

The second trip was to Kabini... this was my first road trip around Bangalore. The countryside was very green filled with paddy fields .... banana trees.. marigold fields .. very colourful and bright. My senses were engaged in the sights, sounds and foods of the different topography.:)
A whole list of South Indian food items has been appended to my list of fav foods :) thank goodness most of them dont append to my waistline:)... Me, GoldGym n Amit's theory about that experience will be another post all together.;P
Neways back to Kabini.. we stayed at a wonderful Orange County resort, that is located at the junction of Nagarhole and Bandipur National Parks. We went for a boat safari, jeep safari ..took a coracle ride . The Boat safari was awesome .. we saw tuskers...humongous crocodiles ... quite a few rare birds.... On the jeep safari we almost saw wild dogs making a kill ...but were interrupted by an unconscientious fellow in the jeep with us. :( ...after that, to Amit's utter dismay ..i was sleeping in the remaining safari... what can i say .. cool pure clean breeze..the earthy smell.. a warm body cuddled close.. what more does a girl need:).
(Yawn..... Big Yawn) ...time for me to doze off ...take care people .. have a blast ... will keep you posted on my adventures .... girl-let-loose in the city ... :) One last food for thought... the deepest most pleasure comes from the simplest smallest of things:)