"Within infinite myths lies an eternal truth. Who sees it all, Varuna has but a thousand eyes Indra, a hundred You and I, only two. "

Sunday, August 22, 2010

To a fantabolous weekend ...

This weekend was amazing ... on saturday, went out with my sister's friend, discovered two new cool hangout places:). Shashank (Sur's friend) was not only wonderful, but has also suggested that we go exploring more often. In the spirit of things .. I tired two new drinks ... Beer mojito and Texan Tea.

On Sunday, Swati and I went mountaineering... we did rock climbing..rappelling and trekking. It was awesome. The first hillock that we climbed using ropes et all was pretty easy, the second one was tough.. then we tried river crossing,... which was the easiest I guess .. once you are in the harness, clipped to the rope and horizontal...you simply slide across to the other side. Rappelling was a little scary... the climbing down the rock wall is easy but getting into the start position where you let your weight fall back is the scariest part:) .. after that we hiked up 600 feet..following a waterfall trail... the view and silence at the top was totally worth the sweat.
Once on ground ..we went to Saras Dairy ..and had hot coffee and pakoras. Rain..hot coffee and pakoras... hmmm perfection :))

After coming back...we were barely at home for an hour, decided to go visit a naadi guruji.
This person, basically takes your thumb print and traces your naadi (future written on leaves by saints thousands of yrs ago). He did find mine... but we didnt have enough time to discuss it thoroughly...one thing folks m going to live happily till 78yrs :) ..I will have to go again. In any case my doubts about it being hokum remain :)

Went loitering around town with Ma..looking for a decent place to eat... ended up getting takeaway from Pizza hut :) ...sat with Bhai and watched "3 idiots". End of a perfect weekend:)

Yawn.....big Yawn... ..
Tomorrow ...starts a new work week... but hopefully itx going to be slow..given that day after is Rakshabandhan... oh my uncle ,aunty and cousin are coming down tomorrow evening... m really looking forward to their visit.
and it is still raining cats ..dogs and elephants .... :)
elephants .... hmmm ....
so a rat proposed to an elephant ...
elephant asked "tu ne kya dekh ke propose kiya"
rat takes out a picture of Lord Ganesh and says "Tujhe mae rab dikhta hai..yaara mai kya karooo""

Saturday, August 21, 2010

In the quest for protein...

To achieve a well toned body, Sameep Sir, my aerobics teacher, has suggested to increase protein intake. Understanding that I am very sceptical about trying protein supplements, he suggested 9 -10 egg whites daily. So in total commitment to my body and astonishment of my kitchen help... I asked for 10 egg whites and in equal dedication to itx allergies my body refused any partake beyond the sixth egg :)

Now the word "egg" drives my feet into a sprint :) atleast I will have well toned calf muscles :))

Thursday, August 5, 2010

my bundles of joy :)

I am cleaning my digital space...and here are a few snaps of my dearest nephew(Darsh)and niece (Prisha)....

Monsoon Romance...

I love the rains ..absolutely adore them..no matter the havoc they turn my beautiful terrace garden into... I love the rains ... the dark water laden clouds..the picturesque sky .. the fluorescent meadows... the green mountains :).

It is treat to sit in my balcony and watch the traffic crawl, street kids splash around, people running around for cover.

Here are a few pictures from my phone.....